Puppies are expected to be born in early May, release after midsummer.

Sir: NORD UCH NORDIC UCH NO UCH Mementos Kennedy

 CIE N SE UCH SEVV-14-15 Tjotte's Lover Under Cover

 N UCH SE U(U)CH Mementos Venosa

Norweigian Dogweb

Hips AA, ED00, Eyes OK 2.10.2018

EIC, carrier, prcdPRA clear, HNPK clear

Dam: Adventurerīs Oreos to Begin With

C.I.B FI UCH EE UCH Adventurerīs U-reckon

Adventurerīs unb-rellaz

Hips: BB (98) ED: 00 (100) Eyes: ok 24.10.2017


 PRCD-PRA, EIC, HNPK, clear by parentage/own.

Puppies are born in 28.04.2017 6 male 3 bitch, all black.


"Hilla" Mirilkan Lounatuuli

Hips; AA, Eb; 00, Eyes OK (8.11.2016)

"Chip" Fort Knox Bella Mare

Hips; AA, Eb; 00, Eyes OK (12.07.2016)

 PRCD-PRA, EIC, CMN, HNPK, clear by parentage

Pedigree Here

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